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Thursday, December 18, 2008

khan sharukh

Here is not a dot in Bollywood that does not carry Shahrukh Khan's name. He was born on 2 November 1965 in New Delhi, India. He married Gauri Khan on 25 October 1991. They have two children, son Aryan Khan (b. 1997) and daughter Suhana (b. 2000). Khan started out his career appearing in several television serials in the late 1980s...

real music

Hi guys, i would like to share the site where you can get unpirated music. I like listening to music, because it gives essence of life and pleasant to ears. When iam in tired mood, i use listen some good music. I signed up in a site called Kerchoonz. in that site i got music downloads. Different types of music albums are available in that site. They are available at free of cost. You know, you can upload your own stuff in that site. If somebody download your stuff, then you will get some bucks. If you want to know more information regarding about this, you can visit that site. Not only we can download music but also videos and video games. It is such a cool site, where we can get cool stuff to download. All the stuff uploaded in the site were copy right not a pirated one. Signing-up in that site is free of cost. It takes a few minutes for you to sign-up. In designing such a site, more talented people such as artists, song writers were included behind that. Stream videos,music are also available in that site. Blogs are also available where you can update daily as diary. Use their widgets in your site and when your friends signed-up by refering with you, then you wil get paid. I am writing blog post about that site because i want my blog readers to use their service. So, then end the pirated era and encourage the original era of downloading some great stuff.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Days started

what days, what are started...? confusing...? its k let me tell you clearly, boring days for me started. Do you know...why...? Because my college days was over and always i have to be in my home at this summer time. So, i hate these days. Those college days were so jolly and funny.


IDUG is an organization which is established not for profit purpose but providing good information regarding education and job solutions. It was established everywhere in the world. It provides so many software solutions. Some of them like UNIX, DB2, windows, DB2 at everyplace. You can become the member of IDUG community at free of cost. There is no charging for sign-up process. There are four classes of members in IDUG. The classes are User members, Vendor members, Associate members, Founding vendor members. Now this IDUG is conducting IDUG contest and so you can be the participant in that and may be you can be the winner in those contests. The contests are named as

1.Video contest
2.Gadget Contest
3.XQuery Challenge
4.Port an application
5.Develop an application.

This is the contest for students,professionals and hobbyists. It is a sponsoring contest for developers to increase the familiarity of XQuery,XML and DB@. There are so many attractive prizes for the winners. Prove your talent and win the fabulous prizes. This is a good chance for you inorder to prove your talent in a respective platform. Prizes are awarded monthly for video contest and gadget contest. For rules and other information you can log on to that site where you can see all the details for the contests.


Monday, December 15, 2008


Hi folks, right now i am at hyderabd and having lot's of fun over here. But i hope the life will be here is too expensive. Daily we have to spend lot's of money. Anyhow i came to this cit for some purpose. But i think it wont happen. Because due to improper planning done by me. But anyways i met my old friends.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My holy tour

yesterday, i went to holy tour shiridi. It was an amazing place for devotees of sai baba. Sai baba is known for his super natural powers. Shiridi is the place where he resided and took his last breath.
Shiridi is known for its pleasent and peaceful atmosphere. We returned from there in a comedy way boarding another bus.

Monday, December 8, 2008


My vhdl exam sucks. I did not perform well. I dont know what grade i will get at last moment.I think i need to keep more efforts on my coming exams. Then only, i can improve my grade. Getting bad grade for an undergraduate subject is very bay and it will make my GPA to come down drastically.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This weekend is somewhat good for me. I enjoyed a little bit. Before night i had some drinks and in the morning of sunday , i could not get up early due to hang over. i woke up at afternoon on sunday. Then with seniors we went to spilway. There we have liitle enjoyment and later on we went for a movie. The movie is awesome. I like to see one more time

Friday, November 28, 2008


Unlucky for some? Friday 13th, a date regarded in many countries as inauspicious, is actually safer than an average Friday It seems a study was published by the Dutch Centre for Insurance Statistics that showed that fewer accidents and reports of fire and theft occur when the 13th of the month falls on a Friday than on other Fridays.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

chasing gals!!!

Its becoming quite hectic for me to manage the domains individually. Though Kalyan has come he is concentrating on his works, i mean hunting gals! ) . I don't find his involvement here. I do it thinking i do for myself. Again he is going to go to Andhra it sems. He said he will manage but i don't know whether he will or not. Let me see.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


TouchCells are solid-state devices with no moving parts. With no moving parts to wear out, the wear and tear issues which plague conventional switches are inherently eliminated. Additionally, because TouchCells are mounted behind solid substrates, user and environmental abuse become a non-factor. Furthermore, TouchCells are recognized as fail-safe device by Underwriters Laboratories.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

tc day

Well , if you see the name of the post looks funny. What to do, as of now i am out with posts , thats why now i am going to tell about today . Right , today i went to the college for taking my conduct transfer certificate. Successfully by undergoing some procedures i got the tc atlast. Now i am completely an undergraduate student.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Great feeling

It really feels great when some one is more interested in the work you do isn't it? I got a congratulation message from Santhosh for PPP accepted my blog. Thanks santhosh! I'm sure that this blog will be frequently updated with lot of stuff in the coming days. Please check out santhosh.
I dedicate this post to u.

Monday, November 3, 2008


guys, if you wanna have professional look when you wear glasses then all you need to do is buying glasses from zenn optical site. This site offering very good range of spects of different styles and range. The eyeglasses available in that site is of so stylish and eye catching. They are even available at cheaper prices. All you need to do is, just log in through the website, check out the eye glasses as what you want and grab it. One simple thing you need to do, for buying eye glasses from that site. It is just maintaining an account over there. Registering for an account is a simple and easy. You need not to pay anything for that. It is free registration and simple steps to follow. They do have help desk or support service. if you strike back with any questions or queries in their site. Then just contact them. They will solve your doubts withing two business days. They will send you mail personally regarding about your query. Free shipping service is also provided by them. There are many services provided by them which are more advantageous for their customers. For all times of season, everyone needs eye glasses. So, go for the best from that site.

free images

Bloggers were always good at blogging. At some times, they need to embed some image in their articles. At that time, it will be difficult for them to upload some photos right away. So there is a site, where you can get free images for bloggers. It's a great site, for getting images you need to pull your leg, i mean you need not work very hard. just they will produce the code for you. All, you need to do is just copying the code and paste it, where it is required. For this purpose, you need to maintain your account. Registering in this site, is not so much of cost. it is free of cost, you can have free sign-up. Just browse the gallery which is required for you. Choose the correct photo for you, copy the code and paste it in your post. That's it, it is just a cake walk for you. If you have any doubts you can contact the help desk. They will solve your doubts within two business days. So feel free to ask your queries. Have a happy image posting in your blogs. Check out their free images, if you like it then you can proceed further more.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today is most auspicious day in India. Today is diwali day and have lot of fun for Indians. Initially the day will start with pooja. Delicious food items will be prepared. All relatives and neighbours will have get together at a place. Friends will meet at a a good restaurant place and start playing jokes on each other. After that, everyone will start burning crackers.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Memory walk

Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is a revolution step made by Alzheimer's Association . This Alzheimer's Memory Walk has been arranged in order to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care support and research. This typical work is about walk of 2-3 mile which is gonna change nation. All you need to do is just sign up for walk in their own website. Be as a volunteer and actively participate in this walk and create awareness among the people. In their website also, you can do shopping at ease. Just type the article which you want to shop in shopping search bar. Within seconds your desired product details will be displayed on your screen. This year approximately there are about 200,000 people were on move for this walk. There are so many advantages by participating in this walk, just check out the remaining details in their website. There are some options in that website for raising funds by online. Just have a look on that.
Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Am in US

Hmmm...atlast i am in US and somewhat fulfilled my goal. Now i have to work hard and have to settle good in my life. Initially, right now i am in search of job in order to fulfill some of my small desires. So, let me see my final outcome whether i can get job or whether i can get settled well. Wish me all with success.

Friday, June 20, 2008


As we all know the rare earth metals value. I mean rare earth metals like gold, silver,bronze. Thet are having their own values and properity. From 10 years ago till now, the price of silver has been increased alot. Now pure silver is given to you by a Monex deposit company. Over some period of time ,i t is supplying pure silver to americans. it is maintaining largest number of customers in America. If you need silver then you go their site and order them. Silver can be obtained in any other form. This company if offering in the form of ingots. By having ingots we can have desired shape of cilver. We can mould in to diferent shape.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

social spark is amazing spark

Social spak is really an amazing spark. By joining i this sie we can create so many advantageous to us. First of all, we can create some traffic to your own blog or site. Second thing is, we can earn money on the things which we like most. Elaborately, we can earn money by writing some posts regarding about advertisements. I like this SocialSpark alot because it is giving equal importance to the work which we did. There is another feature in this site, that is bloggership. By having bloggership on your blog, on each day if anyone view your own blog then your account will be cerdited to some amount of money. This is an awesome source of revenue for your own blog. Another stiking feature for this site is "spark" facility. With your fellow bloggers, you can make them to write about your blog. Like this you can increase your backlinks to your own site. Then coming to payout option, they really follow a simple rule. After every approved post for about 30 days, the will sent ou money to your account. In your account if it had 20 dolars then you can go for payout for tha amount. Immediately that amount will be transfered to your paypal account if you had that account.

Monday, May 19, 2008

pants i like

Well guys, i need to talk about days where i wore best pants in my life. There are more than two pants i wore in my life , which gives me immense pleasure. Those pants make to look even more handsome. Even my girl friend like me alot in those wardrobe. In those pants, one of the pant was light in color and another is in dark black in color. That light color pant i always prefer to wear on dark shirts. So, the combination will be awesome and it will be looking so attractive. So by wearing a light color creamy pant , it gives good impression on the shirt and at the same time it gives same impression on the pant also. Then coming to dark color pant, i will put such type of pants on the light color shirts. Even that combination also looks great. The shirt will give good impression on the viewers who were seeing it. Then at the same it will create such impression, on the pant also when anyone see such type of combination. So, in my life i never forget about those moments and especially the pants which i wore. You can apply for Dockers contest and that Dockers contest will help you in winning prizes. It is always creates me an exceptional place for my girl friends heart if i wore that.


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

My tour

Atlast, after three years , i went to my native place. I hope i enjoyed very well with my old friends. Everyday is special for me. Starting from the day 1 i had some different experiences. Going to new places will fetch you some knowledge about different people. So, everyone need to go a new place and have some exciting experiences.

Friday, May 16, 2008

scary movie

To be frank i am not having any interest in watching any scary movies and horror movies. But my friend "Ravi" use to watch many horror movies at night time. He likes a lot and finds most excitement and thrill in it. The unrated movie Trailer called Frontier(s) is a Horror Movie which i have seen it's trailer. It's damn scary trailer i have ever seen it. Everywhere the blood was sprinkled and i felt fearing in seeing it. The story was awesome and a girl will be running in order to save her life. Every frame of that movie seems to be horror and scary. I will make my friend to see this movie for sure. The trailer of that movie you can see by just clicking the link text which i am going to embed in it. That site was designed in such a cool manner and easy to navigate over there and can easily select theater listings. It is also in red in color. That movie was gonna released on may 9th in theaters. There are theaters list in which the movie is going to be released. Right now i am at India and i am not at USA. So when it is released in India surely, me and friend will watch that movie.


Sponsored by Sponsored by Frontier(s)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well guys are you crazy about horror movies...? If your answer is yes, then i am going to tell about a horror movie which is an uncut version. The movie name is FRONTIER(S). And this Frontier(s) is a damn Horror movie, if you see the trailer itself you can easily know about the intensity of horror involved in that movie. It is such a nice one who needs suspense and thrill in a horror movie. It is releasing on May 9th in theaters. See the Trailer. So get ready to hold hands of your beloved one's and watch movie. It is an unrated movie. Generally unrated movies wont be released in theaters. But this movie wont be coming under this category. This unrated film is released in theaters. The story of this movie will be available in the link text which i am going to embed. Only thing you need to do is just click that link text and it will take you to the website. There you an see everything like select theater listings, synopsis and lot's more. So, dont miss the excitement lies in that movie and dvd's also released so, you can get those dvd's and see that ultimate movie. So dont delay it and rush over to theaters to see this movie. select theater listings and choose the best one to see.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Zookoda is a email marketing application which was designed specifically for bloggers. This was designed such that bloggers can drive traffic over to their blogs. It is free to sign up, to your visitors in box, you can able to get latest news about latest blog posts for about weekly, monthly or daily too. So, you can see the latest posts at single place itself and avoid jumping from one site to another site in order to look those posts. Zookodaenables you t have control over email newsleters. You can see at real time about schedule, bounce newsletters. There are so many promotional offers involved in the zookoda site. All the services which were rendered by them were so advantageous. These offers will do best for your blogs and there is no harm in it. It is purely for the persons who needs to get advantage by some e-mail marketing service. This zookoda is one among them. You subscribe e-mail newsletter at free of cost and if you want to unsubscribe it at any time, and it is easy process to subscribe or un subscribe. Their online editor will helps us in re-ordering the posts who have written. It was easy design in such a way that, anyone can understand easily. The page elements were good and easy to navigate any page . The pages also loads fast. So, i am very sure that, one cannot get easily irritated by this zookada service. So, dont delay for any other purpose and sign up there and subscribe their newsletters and you will get benefited surely.

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Now movies are very crazy to everyone. Because it is a holiday time to everyone. Since it is summer time, everyone will run through theaters to feel A.C in order to escape from this heat and hot temperatures. Well, i am also doing the same in order to escape this, but i am not running in to theaters, because in my bedroom itself A.C is there...:) i am enjoying there itself by watching movies over there.

I signed social spark

Well, i know most of the bloggers will be looking forward to earn good amount of money with the help of their blogs. So, you may found so many good sites in order to make some revenues of it. Well, there is another site where you can earn good amount of money with the help of SocialSpark site. This site helps your blog or site to earn money for you. Not only you can earn in this but also you can drive traffic to your blog by signing up in this site. driving traffic to your own site is very important. It will increase your readership to your site. When readership increases to your site then the alexa rank will be improved then most of the site will approve yours. In social spark yo can also meet new friends by just submitting friend requests to members of the social spark. It can also be used as social networking site. So, you can increase your friend's circle by joining in that site. There are some requirements in order to get approve your site. You need to satisfy their requirements. It is 100% transparency and should posses disclosure policy. The posts or articles in your blog should purely written by you and it should not be cut and paste from other site. If it is so, your blog will get rejected. The numbers of posts what you have written should be error free. There should not be any spelling mistakes. Avoid as possible as you can.

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Khady lov

I do not know to what extent you are familiar with events and fragile political situation in my country Zimbabwe , but it has formed consistent headlines in the CNN, BBC news bulletins.
I will very glad if you can accept to lead me to the right channel by means of your assistance to my situation now.I will make my proposal well known if I am given the opportunity. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. Well i know very well that you will help me

Monday, May 12, 2008

Omega watch

Guys, if you want to look like a good teenager then you should need a awesome watch on your wrist. The watch which i am going to tell is omega watch, it had a good finishing. If you have a glance on it, it will be so attractive. Now i will add link text, just click it and see it. You can understand clearly what it was. It is not so easy to express it. Coming to history of that watch, omega, it is a last word in greeks alphabets. It tells that completion or maximum. Such a good name. It is first watch in the world which is having 5 counter chronograph. You know one thing, this watch was worn by Neil Armstrong. Do you who is that guy...? He is the first person who landed on the moon. From there, the fame of that watch was unended. And even it is favorite watch for james bond in his movies. It is a solar impulse watch. Which can work with the help of solar energy. So, if you are interested in buying such watch then all you need to do is, just enter in to that site, buy what you like most. Dont delay for anything, grab what you like most and have fun in buying that.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

classic style

In order to choose best classic style to celebrity is Mr. sharukh kahn. He himself dress up always in classic style. The hair style he maintains was awesome. The dress style he maintains was amazing. He sets trend of his own style in India's bollywood. My style is also similar to that and always maintain my classic look. The way which i am wearing dresses is almost in classical style and use to maintain that style always. Because i always like that style. I use to be look good and sexy in that style. For a person who is having having dignity looks will always maintains his/her classic style. Dockers San Fransisco is a famous place is to enjoy well. Now with that name, they are conducting Dockers contest, where if you win that contest you can grab so many of prizes. Everyone can be participated provided with some conditions. If your well enough creating videos, then just create your own video out of your own creativity and submit to them. Same thing when comes to music also but you provide the name of that track also. It is easy to participate, just by clicking my link text and it will take you to that site. There just give your e-mail id and required password and upload the most you like. Then submit it and results will be announced on may 29 of this month. It is really a cool contest and difficulties in participating this. There are some phases of review and after successful reviewing of those phases one can win grand prize on June of this year. The winner will be announced in the nbc news channel. Make a short move right now and upload your favorite video right now and to expectations win the grand prize. So, don't delay as of now, step in to that site quickly and start participating in it.


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Everyone knows about the importance of dollar rate. For a decade ago everyone is crazy about that and most of them flew to USA for earning those dollars. But as of now, it was quite decrease in dollar rate. Whatever it may be, still there is love on dollars for most of the Indians, and even famous companies in India also will do business in dollars. As for bloggers they are expecting dollar rate should be increased as fas as possible.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Some persons who are using internet are freak about online gaming or contests. In fact there are many chances to win by online contests. There are many sources where they introduce many contest through online. In those sources, this dockers is one among them. They have introduce one video contest where you can send your favorite videos and win the contest. Not only those Dockers contest but also some sweepstakes contest is there. Participate it and if you won you can go for a dream vacation. This is something cool...rite. Yes exactly, not many of the sites will be having these types of contests. Another interesting feature in a site which i am going to explain is about shopping. The shopping feature was awesome. You can do shopping by online through that web site. They are offering 30% discount over products. All types men and women products will be there. It is having some good collections. You can just do shopping by 3 mins and save your valuable time by not going to distant places and doing shopping. If you have any doubts, you can contact them and ask any doubts regarding contests and other options. They will reply you within 2 business days.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

exams kallas

Atlast my exams got over in this month. Now we beacme engineers. I happy after completion of exams. But now, the carrer has going to start, now we should plan very carefully and proceed like that.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


It is always certain that becoming in to fat when one comes to certain age. Actually fatness to a body is something like curse to those persons. With that body it is difficult to do some jobs easily. It is even difficult to go for a shit in a Indian style. It can easily cause heart problems to those persons. So, it is must to go for exercise or some diet activities in order to reduce their fatness or obesity. The importance of Fat Loss can be easily identified by fatty persons , so for them i have given a link text where it will go to a site and read

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Deccan charges

Deccan charges is a IPL team name for Hyderabad team. Totally about 5 matches they won only 1 match. In fact it is a poor performance. But the only winning match by them was awesome. No one in IPL has won like that. Because they won with 10 wickets in hand. They have finished that match very soon with a spare of 2 overs in hand. Let me see the remaining about two matches.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Energy pop

Guys, are you looking forward to boost your energy. Right now i am gonna explain the thing which will give you lot of energy by not making you to enter into a situation called fatigue. It will maintain your alertness. It was clearly explained in it's own site and has given some bullet points which will explain all it's features in detail. The page elements were awesome and at a single glance you can understand easily as what that site says. The some of the major points which was given in the site are- it contains vitamins, it is 50% larger than normal candy size, they glow in neon yellow color, it is handy to consume it by not having any difficulty to handle it. It allows maximum portability and convenience. There is a special page in that site which explains the nutrition facts in that site. There is no fat content in those lollipops, so there is no problem for fatty persons in consuming it. I am giving you a hyper link where it will take you to the main site. The link is MAXXED Energy Pops. Just by clicking that link text, your ultimately end upon the main site. That site launched a new contest, you can participate that contest and win exciting prizes. There is a sweeptakes option, where by following that, you can win expensive prizes.


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Group studies

Well, the group studies in this semester is very dull. Hardly i attended group studies along with my friends. So, i am fearing alot about this last semester. I donno whether i will perform well or not. I need to keep up my tempo. I have strive hard with these 4 days. I have to put my full potential and should cover my syllabus...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lawyer Omaha

There is a chance of getting compensation if you met with any accidents. generally, it is usual for people sometimes, met with accidents on the roads or some other places while going to work or something else. There is an attorney in omaha who is a Personal Injury Lawyer Omaha will take cases regarding accidents which causes injuries. His name is Larry R. Demerath, who worked in U.S Air force for some years. Later he spend his rest of his life as a Lawyer and helping his fellow residents at his place. He grew up on a farm and he did his studies at Wayne state college and the university of Nebraska

Page rank

Many bloggers always want to have a good page rank of their own sites. Because with the good page rank, they can have good income with the help of their site. Generally, this page rank was assigned by a Google with the help of their complicated algorithm. So, first try to index your site with google search engine. Then write some quality posts by not copying and paste it from some where else. Then avoid of adding some banners or badges of some affiliating sites. Then especially don't add disclosure policy to your site. If you add that, then you can easily loose your page rank.

medical reference

World is changing, so there is need to change the way of treatment by doctors on the patient also. This can be done by PDA ( personal digital assistant). This was provided by Epocrates, Inc. It's like palm pad or palm computer. It can just load that a particular software and can be pinned on the doctor's coat. It can determine the patient's physical condition so easily. If a doctor want to prescribe a new medicine to a patient, he can load that particular information in that palm computer. And he can able to understand whether if there is any intervention of mixing two medicines and cause any harmful effects. Just in 30 min he can decide that. online medical reference is a useful site to everyone.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

yesterday match

Hmmm....the yesterday's match in IPL league is between deccan charges Vs Rajasthan royals. Initially deccan have initially scored 214 runs in 20 overs. First i thought, it will be difficult for those royals to reach that score. Initially they maintained more than 10 run rate. Then i had little hopes on deccan charges team then at last over, it is about 17 runs to score in just 6 balls. Then i had 90% hopes on deccan charges team that they will win the game. But unfortunately royals have reached their score in just 5 balls and win the game.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Loan broker

Well, looking for a loan. If it is looking for a loan by yourself for processing all those documents will be a bit hard one. So, you need to look for a broker in order to see those types of works. But, infact looking for a broker is also a difficult work because it is not as easy to get genuine brokers. So, i will suggest you one site, where you can get genuine broker. In that site, it will be discussed about everything like loans, mortgage rates, insurance, policies, everything....Some of the loans like San Francisco Home Loans and some of the California Mortgage Rates , California Conforming Rates and the other type of loan California Jumbo Loan where most were not aware of such type of loan.

It was neatly explained the features of that site and what are the available programs in that site. By seeing the conforming rates, one can easily think how much loan we can take. It is very handy website where one can understand easily by just giving one glance on it.So, you need any loan..? then right away , you should enter into that site.
Have a happy loan!!!!.


Many Indians know about the taste of Dosa and it's favorite dish to so many people who took breakfast with that. Especially south indians, they know the real taste of dosa and try to make different dishes with different tastes with the dosas. Even my morning breakfast most of the times will be dosas. Just taste it and feel the taste in it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Social spark

Hi friends, now i feel great for telling about a site, where you can meet many friends and earn money on what you like. This is a cool site and can also have lot's of fun over there. It is also just like PPP, but not exactly in deed. That site is nothing but socialspark.com which is a SocialSpark It really creates spark in one's boring life. You can meet lot of friends, where you can also send messages just by chatting with other fellow bloggers. Actually this type of service will not be rendered by other affiliating sites. In fact there are opportunities in that site, but there are three types of opportunities where with the help of those opportunities you can create more readership to your blog and not only that but also you can earn some cash out of it by writing some sponsored posts. Those three types of opportunities are classified as follows: sponsored posts, blogship, spark. Coming to sponsored posts, it is nothing but writing a sponsor post for an advertiser. You all know well about that. The second one is blogship. It is nothing but making a link or image or video by placing them in your site will make you to get dollars. Coming to spark is just by writing or reviewing about other blogs. They will also write about your's. Just it will improve your page rank, if you do that. It wont create any money of it. So, you to apply for it and find fun and great stuff in it.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Windows movie maker

Folks, by using windows movie maker, you can create your own videos with the desired content. Just by importing pictures,clips,audio files you can create your own video and become a good editor also. You can adjust your timeline while creating your own video. One more interesting fact is, there is the facility of video effects, and by using that you can create your video with good effects. This is available in every windows operating systems.


Guys, IPL means Indian premier league which is all about a sport of Cricket. The teams were arranged such that, It was mix up with different players from different countries. It shows integrity in the world. It is the best example for oneness in a team with different players. Yesterday first match was taken in bangalore in India. The match was awesome and the performance by Macholam was amazing and he scored 158 runs. He created his own history.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Allegro Medical

The title which i mentioned in this post, is about a company which was established near tempe at arizona. It rendered it's valuable medical service for so many years. It served nearly about 1 million customers. It is not only indulged in medical services but also in retail products like exercise and fitness equipment, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Maternity or Baby Supplies. They have released their own site Superfeet and giving discounts on so many products and goods. If you sign in their own homepage, then you can avail so many offers like discounts and special prices on different products. So, what are you waiting for..? go and grab those services.

Gud morning chennai

Hello chennai, now heat was blast almost in all places of chennai. Because we know summer has been started in India. We all know it's consequences and it's features. I am unable to move out at morning times and of course at afternoon times also. Very hot yar, idhu romba hot guruuuuuuuuuuuu.


There is always some community should be there, inorder to share about the secret things in this world and come to a conclusion. The best site for connecting all people together at one place is Social Network about Paranormal and UFO. Join there, where you can chat with people, discuss about gossips, upload some videos and photos, you can write blogs and articles in it. So, dont dealy for any other purpose, go and sign in there.


Hmmm....what to write, i am not at all getting any ideas. These posts i am writing because that ppp can approve my later posts but ppp is having some problem, because after grabbing a particular task and after publishing it also, it cannot take it and showing some error...cha..

Phone cards

In this modern world, the only one way to be in contact and maintain their contact is by calling through phone. So, maintaining phone cards for daily life is mandatory. So, i will tell you about one site where they will provide you phone cards at cheaper rates. That website is phonecardsavenue.com. Just you need to do one thing, that is i will hyper text about that link in a single word then you can just click on that word online phone cards, it will take you to that site directly. Some people will feel very uneasy to get and maintain to those cards. But what to do, it is must to maintain contacts with our relatives, so one should maintain their phone cards properly. You need not get tired off because of that, by just signing in that site and tell as what type of card you want to that admin and then they can provide you so many different types of cards with the available discounts and offers to those cards. Ordering from that site, the job may become very easy. There are so many offers if you apply from that site like for every purchase you will get 3% money back. They bulletize the main points on what basis we should buy phone cards from that site, some of them like lowest call rate plans were available from them, secure plans, online account management, secure online purchase, instant delivery, no waiting and all.You can save about 80% and over for long distance calling cards like at&t and sprint. Searching of your desired phone card is easy because the site was designed like that and we can easily search the card as per our requirement. Then you can click buy option for buying that. It's a great deal . So, dont wait for anything ,go and grab it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Preparation time

Hmmm...atlast time has come for preparing my semester exams. Yesterday we had a great finish for our project. Till yesterday we are having lot of tension whether we can complete our project or not, but anyways it's great finish and today i am relaxing happily. But soon i should start preparing my semester exams

meet friends

Guys, it's time for everyone to enjoy summer holidays. In this summer season you need not go for long distances and meet your friends, you can do that by just having internet connection in your house. Just enter into www.3gb.biz to enter into a fun world. It is social community where you can meet many friends, chat with so many gals and boys, listen latest mp3 songs and lot's of fun is there in it.So, dont delay and enter join 3gb community www.3gb.biz and have fun in ur life

My project

After so many days my project got some appraisals. The external , when we attended for viva appreciated as alot. The first dialogue he used, "the idea of doing such big project should be aprciated" And the second dialogue , he used is "doing with a confidence for that big project is great" After hearing that one, i felt so happy and i thought it is something equal to grabbing a prize of 10,000. Thanks to our external guide and pillar of our team is harish kumar.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Web design

There were so many people who were curious to know and perform the web design. Web design is a simple technique where, one can share their ideas and their values through their respective site very effectively. The people who were having interest over web design can easily learns that. I would like to tell you about one site which is all about web design. You know one thing, a web designer is blogging sometimes. Because a blogger needs to know web design for blogging. It is primary fundamental for him. The site which i would like to tell is http://www.stylishdesign.com. This site deals about web design in a cool manner. The owner of this site is Robert who is having great idea about art, culture and their values. His team effectively work on it and helps in designing that site. On his site, one can see the topics about search engine optimization, web directories, softwares, CSS, website templates and so on. There is one article written in that site about top level domains. It is clearly explained by him. Take a glance on it and understand the top-level domains. And many of the bloggers were fighting about the page rank of their own domains. So, for looking correct solution for that problem, you can see an article which was created on that part

chapman house

Guys, the term called drug, you have already heared about it. Most of you may used that and got addicted to that. The drugs will give you kick to your brain, something like relaxation to your brain and a minute it will stop it's working temporarily. For the first few doses no one will have interest to do that again. But it will create interest to taste it again. There the devastation starts and ruined our life. Then later on, everyday he/she has to get that or else they will feel something going wrong in them. They can't live even a minute by not having that. It is such a powerful tool which can slowly ruined the life. There are some voluntary organizations came forward for drug treatment. This drug treatment is done by one of the organization is called chapman house company. Where, it is a company mainly focussed on the treatment of drugs patients or drug rehabilitation. This drug rehab will makes the patient who was addicted to drugs will free from it. He will hating drugs after that treatment. Many parents and families will feel alot when their individual or their member who was addicted to drugs. So, for them it's a kind relief and the right step to end upon the company called chapman inc, which will they provide correct drug treatment to those drug addictors. That company also will happy if you contact them, because it was established for you people. They also offer family intervention, psychological testing, drug testing and other services to help end addiction. They are having helpline service also. If you have any doubts you can contact tem and they will reply to you within two business days. They are providing the best online help service to their customers and feel free to ask any questions to them.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Coin dealer

Some of you were so much of interest in coins collection. It is a good habit and so many people will cultivate that habit. Now, i am going to tell you a good opportunity for those lover of coin collection. There are so many rare coins available in this world. But those are not available easily to hands. It is of high value. I will tell you about a site where coin dealer can do trade with that site. They will provide you all types of rare coins. Only one thing you should do is, just a few words should be exchanged with a owner. The site is goes like this coin dealer. The link was embed in it. Just click it and go that your required destination. If you have any doubts, just contact them .They will clear your doubts and rely to you within two business days.

Today's exam

My today's exam was sucks. I am not aware of anything in today's exam. Completely blank in my mind. I was totally vexed up with that exam. I dont know what to do at that time. I just wrote for about 1 hr. Then i started playing with my new MP4 watch. I saw video in that along with my friend and then i chit chat with him and finally i slept

Friday, March 28, 2008


Guys, now i am gonna tell about the Europe's biggest advertising media is Bloggerwave. With this site, you can make appreciable amount of money with your own blog. Now, in this modern period the term "Make Money", is becoming very easy. the only thing which you guys should do is, maintaining one quality blog and it should contain some quality posts. If you blog satisfies the bloggerwave rules , then you can make money with your blog.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

cosmetic surgery

When coming to cosmetic surgery, it has more advantages than plastic surgery. To be frank, both are equally important. Now every student likes to speak about cosmetic surgery. Especially in California. There is a website which talks about such type of stuff, http://plasticsurgeryinbeverlyhills.blogspot.com/, just login there and see the required stuff as what you want. Not only it is having cosmetic surgery details but also it is having plastic
surgery details and other medical stuff. After pregnancy, generally women will have a problem called tummy tuck. Scars will be formed after pregnancy. These can be removed by a special surgery where the skin below abdomen will be moved up and cover those scars. The other technique is breast augmentation. At some period of time, gals will loose their shape and size of their breast. To reform it's original shape, there is a special technique called breast augmentation will be used. By using this technique, the breast can have it's original shape. Now this technique is quite popular in USA. Everyone will go after this technique. It produces very good results. There are so many testimonials in that site where it was dedicated to that site. Those surgeons were experts in that specific field. Their failure rate in those things were very less. If you have any doubts regarding that stuff, you can contact them. There is 24/7 helpline service is there. Contact them with your doubts and they will reply to you within 2 business days. Some of the sites which you should refer is plastic surgery blog, cosmetic surgery blog, los angeles tummy tuck.Home remedies and natural cures or medicines made at home from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs are catching a lot of attention due to its very nature of cure: simple, no side effects, no chemicals, inexpensive, plus the pleasure of being able to cure yourself!. Read on for how all this is useful and how people are using these home made methods in their day to day lives to stay fit and healthy. Plastic surgery Los Angels has been growing popular.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Plastic suregery

Generally most of the people will born with multiple disorders in their structures. They use to feel in their whole life about this. But it is bad luck for them who born like that, but as of now it's not at all a problem in this modern world. The word called plastic surgery is being spreaded all over the world. With this plastic surgery technology one can change their shapes, structures, and even we can create a new part at the place of no part. With this plastic surgery one can create wonders. Now one site is maintaining about plastic surgery very prestigiously. That site beverlyhillsplasticmd.com. Where it will provides full information about plastic surgery and it's types, and uses. They have been extended their centers all over world. And some of the major cities in USA. They are well-versed in plastic surgery and they are expert in it. Breast augmentation also became popular in these days. Generally many women will be having this problem like breast peeping down, disorder in size and shape of a breast. Thee can be avoided by following one technique called breast augmentation. This surgery is a comfortable one and cannot cause side effects. Even for having better sex pleasure women will always want to increase their breast or want to shape their breast. This can be happened only by a surgery called breast augmentation. These guys were also specialized in cosmetic surgery which is all about surgery on face parts. Beverly Hills breast augmentation, california cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic surgery travel .
If you have any doubts regarding about their service, just send some doubts to them. They are having 24/7 helpline service. They will reply to you, within 2 business days. Their service is awesome and one can know more about them by just visiting their site.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tummy tuck

There is a general problem, where women will feels about growing of extra skin and fat around their belly after pregnancy. They will feel bad or awkward or irritated by seeing those things. Inorder to avoid such type of problems, there is surgeon which will make them to feel free from those problems. That surgery is called Abdominoplasty. By this surgery one can make their skin smooth near the abdomen. It is a specialized surgery where doctor can remove those scars near the abdomen. Excess skin and fat are removed, the muscle beneath is tightened, the skin is redraped to provide a pleasing body shape, and often the belly button is moved to a new position within the newly contoured abdomen. Before committing this surgery for a particular person, one should consolidate the doctor. The doctor will keenly examine the patient condition and will suggest you the required surgery. During surgery process, a general anesthesia is required inorder to provide comfortableness to patient. Anastheist is the responsible for giving the correct amount of chloroform. The surgeons are well trained in a specialized way and out their own interest and responsibility they are taking full care about their patients and making surgery successful. They provide breast augmentation also and makes people who were disappointed by seeing their growth of breast. Those surgeons will follow special techniques and strive to breast augmentation. Their branches were located in Los angels and other prominent places in and around of USA and extending their valuable services in breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck. They published valuable information in the form of articles and journals. Those information were quite useful to the local people and can understand the importance of such type of surgery's . If you need to know more about them, then your just need to login in their site and see their testimonials. So many fans write about good in them. They are having 24/7 helpline service also. So, if you have any doubts, just post to them and they will help you within 2 business days.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

break the vault

Now i am going to tell about free online contests where you can win lot's of prizes. It's breakthevault.com This site provides you the required information about the online contests. In that site, they will shoot some questions. You will be having an opportunity to answer that a paritcular question by using clues. Those clues will be provided by that site and it can be easily to anyone for guessing that answer for a specific question. The rules were very simple, the only work you suppose to do is to register there at free of cost. Register there within time, and answer those simple questions and grab the amount.

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My order

I am sitting all alone inside my class and thinking about my third review. Sitting in the last bench along with my friend with a gap after 10 mins. My friend "sunil" got call from his friend. He is smiling and talking with another friend and at the same time i am talking with another friend about his project. Suddenly, sunil ask me a question in tamil, but i did not understood anything. Then i replied does he asking about my recent interview. I told yes for that but i told that i dont have any idea about the result. He told that i am placed in ------- company. Then i got shocked and ask him not to fool me. He told he is talking about the truth. Then immediately i went to my placement cell and ask about that campus. They told that what i heard is correct. Then i am back to my class with my smiling face.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Interior design

I hope that status of every family will be reflected by seeing their interior designs and home developments. For some people, interior design is even a study degree or a hobby. Infact, it is very easy to learn about interior designs for a house. For getting good reference you can land over to interior design tips. That was embedded with a link. Go to that link and see what is the importance and values for a good interior design. That site consists of so many posts like fitness in home, energy saving which are most valuable. If your really interested in interior design then you can login there.

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Today's ceremony

Hey folks, today in my college appointments distribution was happened. Oh god..at initially i enjoyed a little bit by cracking jokes but later on stages i felt damn bore and got headache atlast. That headache was still continuing till i am writing this post. AM writing this post by that headache itself. I don't know, whether it will go off even after completing this post. I sat before my computer atleast to grab some tasks. Because for so many weeks i am not able to grab any task. So, today i made a target to grab atleast one. It's a weird job

Saturday, March 15, 2008

midwest auto recycling

Some people will be facing so many problems with their used or old aged cars due to recurrent problems occurred with them. So, some of them will get irritated and loose their patience. This the main reason they will go for new car. You need not to go for such a foolish idea. Your car again will be turn into a newly opened car by just giving service to the midwest auto recycling. They will check each and every device, something like pressure, cylinder leak down tested and lot's more. After regular inspecting your car by that service, your car's efficient will be improved and turn into new car. It's a great idea to give service to midwest auto recycling.

Hide your drives in windows OS

This is a great trick you can play on your friends. To disable the display of local or networked drives when you click My Computer.

1.Go to start->run.Type regedit.Now go to:

Now in the right pane
create a new DWORD item and name it NoDrives (it is case sensitive).
Now modify it's value and set it to 3FFFFFF (Hexadecimal) .
Now restart your Computer.
So, now when you click on My Computer, no drives will be shown(all gone...).

To enable display of drives in My Computer, simply delete this DWORD item that you created.Again restart your Computer.You can now see all the drives again. Magic........lol.
Try it out. It will not harm your computer.

Firefox tricks

Some Cool Firefox Tricks That Might Make You Crazy!!

* chrome://browser/content/browser.xul :: Opens another Firefox inside a tab in the the existing Firefox window.
* chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul :: Opens the Options dialog box inside the Firefox tab.
* chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksPanel.xul :: Opens the “Book Marks Manager” inside a tab in the Firefox window.
* chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul :: Opens the History Panel in the Firefox tab.
* chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul?type=extensions :: Opens the Extensions window in the current tab.
* chrome://browser/content/preferences/cookies.xul :: Opens the “cookies window” inside a tab in the Firefox window.
* chrome://browser/content/preferences/sanitize.xul :: Opens the “Clear Private Data” window inside the current tab.
* chrome://browser/content/aboutDialog.xul :: Opens the “About Firefox” Dialog box inside the tab.
* chrome://browser/content/credits.xhtml :: A scrolling list of names. The one’s who we must thank for creating Firefox

And My favorite ;)
* chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul :: Dancing Firefox.

They r really cool...check them out..

Enhancement products

Don't waste your money by just want to extend your penis size by using more expensive pills, pumps and surgical treatment. There are some devices which will help you to grow your penis size. Those devices were simple to use and very comfortable. There is 180 day growth guarantee for a specific device. If it fails to do so, there is money back facility. Consider the following links, for extra information , penis enlargement, penis extender, male enhancement

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

GPS Vehicle tracking

Global Positioning system is a modern technological tool for determining the variable parameters of a vehicle. It can determine fuel consumption, position f a vehicle at a particular place, speed, acceleration and lot's more. This tool or device will provide the accurate information about a vehicle. Now this tool will be provided by a gpsinsight.com. They will charge about 1.50-2$ per day for one vehicle. This tool is necessary, because one should know their engine efficiency, fuel consumption, speed variableness etc.... Even if a vehicle was been theft and it can be easily identified by using GPS systems. It can locate the exact area by using satellite information. These systems were installed directly into the vehicle, it will be placed in directly into the vehicles diagnostic ports. They will provide you on spot shipping to your destination. Within 24 hrs they will make your product to be reached at your place. GPS Insight uses satellites and AT&T/T-Mobile to provide you the highly accurate vehicle locations for every 2 minutes throughout the US and Canada. See the stunning feature of that GPS system. Hearing features of that system makes us to increase the curiosity about using that particular system. Even it will send the fault codes of that vehicle in which GPS system was installed. Best mapping is available in this GPS Insight system. It provides 30 day money back guarantee. For about 30 days if you did not like that product, they will give you back your own money. But you should tell them valid reasons for why your not liking that product. Generally this type of offers will not be having to every company. They will give you free trails and free demonstrations to your company. If you like their demonstration, you can order then and there itself and installation also will be done immediately. Their work and operation of their own duty will be going on at rapid pace. They need customer satisfaction at prior. For that, they will do hardwork at maximum. At 24hrs they will try to get feed back from customers. You can have immense satisfaction after using it. They are having their own blog in which they will update daily about different products and customer testimonials. Recently one customer revealed that his stolen vehicle was recovered back within six minutes. The tracking system by them was very efficient. The following are the links which is all about their site, blog and their support. GPS Insight vehicle tracking system, GPS Insight support wiki for customers, Blog for GPS vehicle tracking.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snap bomb

Well guys, here i take immense pleasure to tell about the great online paying site called snapbomb.com. This is the best online industry which pays you best. All you need to do is, just by writing reviews for advertisers products. Those advertisers will pays you the most if you meet their requirements. The main aim for snap bomb site is to help the companies to become more popular at buzz marketing. They are maintaining a good relationship between advertisers and bloggers because they believe "mouth publicity" will give the best advertising solution. They spend 90% of their budget on this purpose and right now they are experiencing a rapid growth in their traffic. Daily they introduce new offers to suitable bloggers and giving chances to them to write better and the best reviews. They are fulfilling the advertisers requirements. They are having some options to decide the independent blog price. If any blog writing quality posts without any mistakes then those blogs will have better chances to earn more money. They are striving to give advertisers complete control over their campaigns, so that they can achieve their goals easily. you guys, don't wait-up for anything and start blog marketing by joining into snapbomb.com. So write your own opinions and get paid to those opinions.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Guys while reading this post heading cracking your head because of new term..? It is about leaf, where it is having various advantageous for human life. It gives inner healing to humans i mean you can create a capability of stamina fro healing yourself. Generally this type of quality will be there in plants. From those plants those leafs were extracted and supplying to people.kratom is acceptable everywhere except at Thailand. It is known for ease the mind and to rejuvenates the body in smaller amounts. 14 grams of Mitragyna speciosa was mixed with water and drank it with help of tea or some kind of balls and swallow it.


Do you the meaning of VoIP..? It is "Voice over Internet protocol" It is a specialized protocol that was designed inorder to transmit the voice through Internet and also to some special packet switched networks. VoIP is also known as IP telephony, Internet Telephony, Voice over broadband. Voice over IP protocols carry telephony signals as digital audio, typically reduced in data rate using speech data compression techniques, encapsulated in a data packet stream over IP.


In this millennium world, shares became the powerful tool for earning cheap money. So many industrialists, bank employees, students were completely involved in the shares. In financial markets, shares are a unit of account for various financial instruments. The income received from shares i called dividend. Voting and non-voting shares are called as class A and class B shares.

Car accidents

Folks, did you worry about the car accidents which you faced at rear end...? Don't worry, you can get compensation if you had accident to your rear end of the car. In general, this could be difficult for claiming the compensation if such type of accidents occur. As per rules, it is difficult to claim that. You know something, due to rear accidents, so many injuries can occur to a person. There can be a damage to soft tissue in the brain. And also some damage can be occurred to the back bone. You know those accidents are such a dangerous one and one can lost his beautiful life. The compensation can be obtained by consulting car accident attorneys in omaha. There should be compensation for such type of accidents because those accidents not making our cars ruined but also it making our life to be at risk

Happy women's day

Hi ladies, wish you a happy women's day. Your the responsible for the life on earth to my view. And at the same for teenagers your the responsible for mental disturbances. Till to day you have been changed mentally and physically. You evolved so many changes in yourself and even improved the way of thinking and stared thinking similarly to men. Equal to men, they are shinning and acquired great status in society. My doubt, we people have given equal importance to ladies then why should we create quotas to especially gals. This year government of India should remove those stuff.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Black friday

Guys now i am gonna tell about the site which is all about shopping. It is blackfriday.info, where it provides best shopping experience to it's members. This black friday is so called, after Christmas day which comes after the day thanks giving. So, that day generally will be a black friday. Actually, people going to big shopping centers for buying their required goods. Yes, it is true that they will surely buy the goods as what they need. The important factor is, they use to stand for long hours, in a big queue, wasting time and money. But this wont be repeated in that black friday shopping. There wont be standing in along queue for long hours. The shopping can be done very easily. They will post new ads for new products. If you need to receive those ads then you need to enter your e-mail id in order to subscribe those ads. They will build relationships with customers in a friendly manner. Basically, in a shopping business, customers are the main persons for marketing owners. They will customers as a god. So, they primary work is to maintain friendly relationships with customers and to increase their income. Even customers also like it, and there are more chances to do more shopping at those centers. cyber monday is the ideal for every customer to do online shopping in that site.


Hey guys, thinking that what this guy started with a post called wheel..? It's simple, wheel can resemble like a life period. As our life contains a sequence of stages where man human will grow. Similarly to that of wheel. Even though we can compare for a person success to a wheel. Success wont come just like that. Hardwork should be there and it should undergo in many stages or sequences, to get right into correct path and hit the right target.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dog breed

As everyone was crazy about growing dogs in their houses. Some will grow them for need of protection to their houses and someone will do as a time pass purpose. But it is very important to take care about their own dogs. I will suggest you one site, where you can take care about small dogs. Small dogs will be preferred generally for apartment dwellers and other small living areas. They look so cute and good. The main advantage with small dogs is less cost for caring them, less mess, less shedding.

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The word control is very necessary in today's world. There is lot of work with this word in this current period. Everything is depended on the word control. With this word control technology, performance, education, emotions, capability and lots more were inter dependent. Without control nothing will give desired results as per our requirements. So, control should be there in every activity. When i came to know about the importance of control, then i took my stream as ICE that means instrumentation and control engineering at my B.E degree. The main fundamental thing which is needed for control is feedback element. Without feedback we cannot calculate the error. So, do include feedback for your lives also for a better control life...

High speed for life

Charter high speed for life started bidding and auction system, where one can win many prizes. Inorder to participate in such type of things, they have proposed some rules and regulations. They have one site, where one can sign-up there at free of cost. The thing is, only the customers of high speed internet at their residence can only participate in such type of competitions. The bidding starts with minimum of price 10$. It looks the offer is great. winner can win Nintendo Wii console, Remote controller, sensor bar, Wii AV cable. So, Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!. Guys, this is great opportunity for you to grab those prizes. They are very cool and you can garb at free of cost if you win it. If you have any doubts about sweepstakes and auction rules. Jut login into http://connect.charter.com/ForLife/, there you can see contact option and auction rules. So, go and have fun there. One can participate in that auction and bidding. But they will give some zip code, only with the help of those zip codes, you may or may not qualify. The internet service, what they are offering to their customers was awesome. They provide you high speed internet connection to their customers.

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Festival time

You know today all over India is gonna celebrate maha sivarathri. Even i don't know much of it. It's all about Lord shiva who is a great india god with so much of powers. He swallowed poison and gave immortal solution to gods. That makes him so popular among gods.It proves that he is not selfish and re-written what is the meaning of god ....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

32 vegas online casino

32 vegas is a well designed and featured website where you can find online casino. It creates a real feel about landing at vegas casino. You can find all types of games and gambling events. It uses a special software for installing games. That software is Playtech software and it's having great demand. You can have online gambling and online casino right over there. Playing casino online is a great experience. And one more thing is, it provides cash also if you won games over there. So fill your pockets with cash and fun in your heart. So, land-upon there and have fun.

Bad credit

credit cards for bad credit will be hate by many people. Many of them wont prefer that. So, there is a site which provides the top 510 credit card sytems and helps consumers to meet their requirements. That site is good for anything. That site will provide you the best information about different credit cards. Though that site name started with bad credits but infact it was not that much bad. They ain't make bad credit loans. There some bad credit credit cards, which make everyone to keep paying lot of debts.

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Professional management

Guys looking forward to have certificates from well recognized site. Yes, you can get it like that. You can land upon cipmusa.org, where you can get around 12 certificates for your skills. It is a chartered institute for professional management.It provides best Business management courses This is mainly establishes to empower the business skills, leadership qualities, business management training, operating business as a chief executive officer, and so and so...In these modern days, there is great competitive combat between traders, buyers and sellers. In order to become a best manager or chief executive officer , one should able to know all type of tactics and knowledge and as well as experience in those fields. Well, that site is so informative, and you can find such stuff easily. So, there are few steps for you to achieve entrepreneur qualities and it is free to sign up there. It is having 24 hrs helpline service and if you need any help, just go and ask there. They will respons to you within two business days.

Good morning

hi, good morning to everyone. I woke and saw my mobile. I got two beautiful messages from my friend. He told about my alexa rank and smorty things. I felt happy. I just check my alexa rank , it was good and at the same time i got one task from smorty. hmmm...great

Door handles.

People wanna make their houses so beautiful when compared to others. So they will think off, starting from door handles to bathroom fittings. You can find better door handles in a site called doorchic.co.uk. It is the site where one can find all types of door handles for different homes and offices. They are providing different styles of fittings. they are having wide ranges for door furniture and security. They are also providing glass, crystals, acrylics, like structures for fittings, they will give awesome look for doors and as well as home also . They are having huge range of designer door handles and they are eye catching also. Coming to door Packs, there are different types and different styles. Some types were made up of stainless steel, where breakage is quite hard. They are so strong and not fragile. Bathroom handles are so eye catching and development of desire will be happened for buying that. They are shaped in a well manner and good carvings. Their durability is quite high because they are also made up of stainless steel. They provide you mail boxes also with different materials and at reasonable price. If you made a bulk order, there will be special discount for those products.

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Count down

I would like to continue my story about the bidding of farewell to my juniors. As time is approaching for me to leave college. There are very few days for us to complete my college. There are so many pages in my college life where i felt and experienced many incidents. Almost all are funny incidents in my college life. But, a bit quarrels, small fights and something else were there which makes me little bit tensed and irritated about my college. But anyways, It has been in my heart at very little time and later everything got vanished and only sweet memories are remained in my heart.

Educational videos.

Guys feeling so much of stress in your mind and as well as in your body. Then it's time for you to undergo massage therapy. So you need to go videoshelf.com and foot massage video will give you knowledge of foot massaging . In that site you can have videos where they will teach you how to massage. From those videos you can get train-up by your own. It is quite advntageous to therapists to see those videos and get trained by themselves. In therapy schools also, they can see these videos and get learned by themselves. If you are more interested in it, then you can get more videos for learning of massage therapy.

Comprehensive Reflexology & Massage: The Foot

Foot Massage | Foot Massage Video | Foot Massage DVD

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ending of happy days

I am writing especially this post due to my sweet incidents which are going to end soon. My college days were quite rocking with my friends and lecturers. We use to pass comments on others and feel fun in it. But in a few days we are going to break-up because our degree is gonna completed. Ooops...i am running out of tears while writing this post. After our break-up i will feel alone for sometime. But that time will be a very hard time to me. Our college days are so happy days and we use to spend good time in our college. The memories are so sweet. Oh....god really this time is very difficult to me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Drive Traffic

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Huhahuhahuha!!!!!! India won the common wealth bank series in cricket against Australia. Generally three finals are to be held. But now itself, India is in lead with 2-0 against Australia. So, there is no 3rd match between Australia and India. The performance shown by India was terrific. At first itself, India batting was good and no loss of wicket with about partnership 80 runs. That is highest first wicket partnership in that series.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Life lock promotion code

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Friday, February 29, 2008

casino list

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onewaylinks exchange

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Under 19 worldcup

Well, there is finals for under 19 world cup for cricket. The performance of the young Indians was good so far. Actually it's mind blowing performance. They are doing great than senior cricketers. Their fielding performance and as well as their batting,bowling performance was damn good. Because of their best performance they were qualified to finals. So,let us hope that India should win the world cup and come back with great smiles over their faces. If it happens like that then it is a great pride to India.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Creditcard features

The credit cards having the feature which can concentrate to business finances as well as your financial finances. the company's which offers credit cards can have 24/7 helpline services. So, if you have any doubts you can just dial their which is a toll free number. there will be so many types of credit cards like Platinum plus, Classic card, Platinum rewards card etc., For every type of card there is different rules and regulations to be followed. There are different balance transfers rate for different cards, for example take a platinum plus card which is having balance transfer rate as which is quite good. The same thing with Platinum Rewards Visa card also. There has been specific discount for specific cards. One can apply for a card by online process also. It is easy to apply by that process. The site credit card with rewards will tells everything. These are providing such service because they are having online banking features and so they are giving opportunities to customers for applying online. Those cards are highly protected from frauds and highly secured from theft. There are 10 tips
which you can be protected from frauds. It is given there.

Day 28th

I am feeling something bad today, but i dont know exactly, why i am feeling bad on this day. Some pain is there in the corner of my heart. Sometimes, i felt like crying. I dont' whats happening to me. As, i am not having any topic to write, i started writing about myself. I felt like i am missing some of my friends as my last semester of my degree is gonna end. At the same time i have seen happy days movie and later it increased my missing feelings still more strongly. But the thing is, i did not burst into tears and i feel that i am having tough heart and i am capable of controlling my emotions though it is a harder one. On that day i recollected my memories and thinking about what is the great thing i do while studying. I did not achieve anything great except having great friends all over my studying years. I never earn any prize while studying, this is the thing which make to disappoint to greater extent.

Destroy debt

Guys, worrying about your own debts and want to clear of it. Don't worry the following post which i am writing is all about it. You can destroy your own debts by just logging into destroy debt site. It is cool, you will get lot of information about it. It contains lot of articles about the thing which you want. Some people feel bad if they get any calls from debts collector. If they see their caller id, i know how those guys will feel about it and some person maintain certain distance with phones if they get such type of calls from them. So, that site is completely about destroying your debts. There are experts in that which they will give you complete advice for getting rid of debts. You can also get complete details about bankruptcy.

There is an expiration date for debt collectors from old debts. That is Statute of Limitations on Debt. So by using that term period you can stop paying your old debts
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Power of truth

Truth is as powerful as fire. It can burn one's life and at the same time it can save one's life. So, it is always necessary to be always true to everyone including to your friend and to your family also. Though, truth is not always advisory to be followed always. But it had great impact on one's personal character. So, try to be true in every situation. A perfect couple life will always be run on a single word called truth. If any one of them fails in it, then it may leads to divorce or they wont be any contact between them. It is such a dangerous. So, for better living, try to be always truth and lead your life happily.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Karisma hotels

The karisma hotels are built at Mexican Riviera Maya. This karisma word is a Greek word which means "divine favor". There are Five karisma's resorts for different types of people. Some resorts are for only adults and some are for couples and some for family and friends. These hotels make their own baked breads, own sauces and which brings more satisfaction to their customers. In everyone's life someone someday should spend their one day night at beaches with luxury things. It will be only possible if you stay back at those hotels. These hotels were built according to customers convenience and their requirements. So, everyone should plan their vacation in such type of resorts. Cancun Vacation is the best vacation in anyone's life. Spend your vacation at those types of resort-hotels and taste the enjoyment in your life.


The impact of today's movies on the audience was great. It cannot be calculated or manipulated easily. The techniques included in taking movies were great. It is improving day by day in different countries. In India also, there is dramatic change in using photography techniques. For example , before 3 months ago, The movie in tamil language has been released, that is "Sivaji". The budget on that film was in millions and the photography used in that movie was awesome and it cannot be expressable.

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