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Friday, October 26, 2007

Mobile robots.

Mobile robots stand in for people in a number of ways. Some explore other planets or inhospitable areas on Earth, collecting geological samples. Others seek out landmines in former battlefields. The police sometimes use mobile robots to search for a bomb, or even to apprehend a suspect.

Mobile robots also work in homes and businesses. Hospitals may use robots to transport medications. Some museums use robots to patrol their galleries at night, monitoring air quality and humidity levels. Several companies have developed robotic vacuum.

For a mobile robot ,robotic arm plays major role in it's whole process,Robotic arms are relatively easy to build and program because they only operate within a confined area. Things get a bit trickier when you send a robot out into the world.The first obstacle is to give the robot a working locomotion system. If the robot will only need to move over smooth ground, wheels or tracks are the best option. Wheels and tracks can also work on rougher terrain if they are big enough. But robot designers often look to legs instead, because they are more adaptable. Building legged robots also helps researchers understand natural locomotion -- it's a useful exercise in biological research.Typically, hydraulic or pneumatic pistons move robot legs back and forth. The pistons attach to different leg segments just like muscles attach to different bones. It's a real trick getting all these pistons to work together properly. As a baby, your brain had to figure out exactly the right combination of muscle contractions to walk upright without falling over. Similarly, a robot designer has to figure out the right combination of piston movements involved in walking and program this information into the robot's computer. Many mobile robots have a built-in balance system (a collection of gyroscopes, for example) that tells the computer when it needs to correct its movements.

Bipedal locomotion (walking on two legs) is inherently unstable, which makes it very difficult to implement in robots. To create more stable robot walkers, designers commonly look to the animal world, specifically insects. Six-legged insects have exceptionally good balance, and they adapt well to a wide variety of terrain.

Some mobile robots are controlled by remote -- a human tells them what to do and when to do it. The remote control might communicate with the robot through an attached wire, or using radio or infrared signals. Remote robots, often called puppet robots, are useful for exploring dangerous or inaccessible environments, such as the deep sea or inside a volcano. Some robots are only partially controlled by remote. For example, the operator might direct the robot to go to a certain spot, but not steer it there -- the robot


Friday, October 19, 2007

Internet traffic

Do u think Internet traffic is more complicated than ordinary road traffic? but in my view both are same which are very close to each other as how the rate of speed of vehicles decreases due to traffic,similarly to that surfing speed also decreases while networking traffic is present.You know these two types of traffic cannot be bearable. We are impatient in that,not able to bear with patience.Can anybody think of it to control this internet traffic?is there any solution for it?hehe...can be possible only by increasing the vacancy slots,increasing the transmission cables.
Can anyone imagine a world without internet?Internet can serve so many things which were imbibed with humans emotions.A computer without internet is like not having bank account for a bank employee.It is such a important tool for doing things at correct time.Due to its unique features demand is great on that ultimately it leads to internet traffic.There's nothing wrong in creating internet traffic but maintaining that is a serious problem.
                                Due to internet tarffic we cannot download our files at an expectable speed.Cant connect to chatting sites where beloved persons waiting for our chat.It is quite embarassing moment for them.It make you to increase your wits due to low accessing speed.
                                 So i hope folks that you can understand as how internet is advantageous and how internet traffic is disadvatageous

Thursday, October 18, 2007

height of hygiene

Folks by seeing the topic you wil get smile on ur face. Thats what i want from you. Here mainly i want to discuss is about  importance of hygiene in humans life  Is  there any change in hygieness 
starting from early decades till now? The answer for this question is absolutely yes.Tremendous change is there over decades.But the point where i want to stress is........

                       "There is oppurtunity to improve one's hygiene but due to work tension it became                                                                  negligeble"
not only due to work tension there are many factors which makes reduction in one's life.Hygiene is the practice of keeping the body clean to prevent infection and illness, and the avoidance of contact with infectious agents. Hygiene practices include bathing, brushing and flossing teeth, washing hands especially before eating, washing food before it is eaten, sterilizing food preparation utensiles and surfaces before and after preparing meals, and many others.
There are several types of hygiene-
  1. Personal hygiene
  2. Dental hygiene
  3. Food hygiene
and the list goes like anything even this page not be sufficient to write allthose names.I can explain each and every hygiene type.But fopr some people it's like spoon feeding.So you have to explore it,while exploring it you will come to know what it was exactly.Come on guys go ahead..

health is precious or wealth is precious?

As we all know that wealth is so important in this modern world.The biggest mistake done by this economic world is not putting atleast 1% care about their health.What we can do without health?but we can do something without wealth.Though these two words looks rhythemic but quite contradictory in their meanings and their context.Wealth is important but foremost important thing is health.Even without sound health we cannot produce so much of bucks in our pocket.Let's give impotance first to health than wealth.I can tell you that a good health can be maintained by three things.They are-
3.be happy
I think these three were the best tools for improving one's health in this busy world.

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