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Monday, May 19, 2008

pants i like

Well guys, i need to talk about days where i wore best pants in my life. There are more than two pants i wore in my life , which gives me immense pleasure. Those pants make to look even more handsome. Even my girl friend like me alot in those wardrobe. In those pants, one of the pant was light in color and another is in dark black in color. That light color pant i always prefer to wear on dark shirts. So, the combination will be awesome and it will be looking so attractive. So by wearing a light color creamy pant , it gives good impression on the shirt and at the same time it gives same impression on the pant also. Then coming to dark color pant, i will put such type of pants on the light color shirts. Even that combination also looks great. The shirt will give good impression on the viewers who were seeing it. Then at the same it will create such impression, on the pant also when anyone see such type of combination. So, in my life i never forget about those moments and especially the pants which i wore. You can apply for Dockers contest and that Dockers contest will help you in winning prizes. It is always creates me an exceptional place for my girl friends heart if i wore that.


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

My tour

Atlast, after three years , i went to my native place. I hope i enjoyed very well with my old friends. Everyday is special for me. Starting from the day 1 i had some different experiences. Going to new places will fetch you some knowledge about different people. So, everyone need to go a new place and have some exciting experiences.

Friday, May 16, 2008

scary movie

To be frank i am not having any interest in watching any scary movies and horror movies. But my friend "Ravi" use to watch many horror movies at night time. He likes a lot and finds most excitement and thrill in it. The unrated movie Trailer called Frontier(s) is a Horror Movie which i have seen it's trailer. It's damn scary trailer i have ever seen it. Everywhere the blood was sprinkled and i felt fearing in seeing it. The story was awesome and a girl will be running in order to save her life. Every frame of that movie seems to be horror and scary. I will make my friend to see this movie for sure. The trailer of that movie you can see by just clicking the link text which i am going to embed in it. That site was designed in such a cool manner and easy to navigate over there and can easily select theater listings. It is also in red in color. That movie was gonna released on may 9th in theaters. There are theaters list in which the movie is going to be released. Right now i am at India and i am not at USA. So when it is released in India surely, me and friend will watch that movie.


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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well guys are you crazy about horror movies...? If your answer is yes, then i am going to tell about a horror movie which is an uncut version. The movie name is FRONTIER(S). And this Frontier(s) is a damn Horror movie, if you see the trailer itself you can easily know about the intensity of horror involved in that movie. It is such a nice one who needs suspense and thrill in a horror movie. It is releasing on May 9th in theaters. See the Trailer. So get ready to hold hands of your beloved one's and watch movie. It is an unrated movie. Generally unrated movies wont be released in theaters. But this movie wont be coming under this category. This unrated film is released in theaters. The story of this movie will be available in the link text which i am going to embed. Only thing you need to do is just click that link text and it will take you to the website. There you an see everything like select theater listings, synopsis and lot's more. So, dont miss the excitement lies in that movie and dvd's also released so, you can get those dvd's and see that ultimate movie. So dont delay it and rush over to theaters to see this movie. select theater listings and choose the best one to see.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Zookoda is a email marketing application which was designed specifically for bloggers. This was designed such that bloggers can drive traffic over to their blogs. It is free to sign up, to your visitors in box, you can able to get latest news about latest blog posts for about weekly, monthly or daily too. So, you can see the latest posts at single place itself and avoid jumping from one site to another site in order to look those posts. Zookodaenables you t have control over email newsleters. You can see at real time about schedule, bounce newsletters. There are so many promotional offers involved in the zookoda site. All the services which were rendered by them were so advantageous. These offers will do best for your blogs and there is no harm in it. It is purely for the persons who needs to get advantage by some e-mail marketing service. This zookoda is one among them. You subscribe e-mail newsletter at free of cost and if you want to unsubscribe it at any time, and it is easy process to subscribe or un subscribe. Their online editor will helps us in re-ordering the posts who have written. It was easy design in such a way that, anyone can understand easily. The page elements were good and easy to navigate any page . The pages also loads fast. So, i am very sure that, one cannot get easily irritated by this zookada service. So, dont delay for any other purpose and sign up there and subscribe their newsletters and you will get benefited surely.

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Now movies are very crazy to everyone. Because it is a holiday time to everyone. Since it is summer time, everyone will run through theaters to feel A.C in order to escape from this heat and hot temperatures. Well, i am also doing the same in order to escape this, but i am not running in to theaters, because in my bedroom itself A.C is there...:) i am enjoying there itself by watching movies over there.

I signed social spark

Well, i know most of the bloggers will be looking forward to earn good amount of money with the help of their blogs. So, you may found so many good sites in order to make some revenues of it. Well, there is another site where you can earn good amount of money with the help of SocialSpark site. This site helps your blog or site to earn money for you. Not only you can earn in this but also you can drive traffic to your blog by signing up in this site. driving traffic to your own site is very important. It will increase your readership to your site. When readership increases to your site then the alexa rank will be improved then most of the site will approve yours. In social spark yo can also meet new friends by just submitting friend requests to members of the social spark. It can also be used as social networking site. So, you can increase your friend's circle by joining in that site. There are some requirements in order to get approve your site. You need to satisfy their requirements. It is 100% transparency and should posses disclosure policy. The posts or articles in your blog should purely written by you and it should not be cut and paste from other site. If it is so, your blog will get rejected. The numbers of posts what you have written should be error free. There should not be any spelling mistakes. Avoid as possible as you can.

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Khady lov

I do not know to what extent you are familiar with events and fragile political situation in my country Zimbabwe , but it has formed consistent headlines in the CNN, BBC news bulletins.
I will very glad if you can accept to lead me to the right channel by means of your assistance to my situation now.I will make my proposal well known if I am given the opportunity. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. Well i know very well that you will help me

Monday, May 12, 2008

Omega watch

Guys, if you want to look like a good teenager then you should need a awesome watch on your wrist. The watch which i am going to tell is omega watch, it had a good finishing. If you have a glance on it, it will be so attractive. Now i will add link text, just click it and see it. You can understand clearly what it was. It is not so easy to express it. Coming to history of that watch, omega, it is a last word in greeks alphabets. It tells that completion or maximum. Such a good name. It is first watch in the world which is having 5 counter chronograph. You know one thing, this watch was worn by Neil Armstrong. Do you who is that guy...? He is the first person who landed on the moon. From there, the fame of that watch was unended. And even it is favorite watch for james bond in his movies. It is a solar impulse watch. Which can work with the help of solar energy. So, if you are interested in buying such watch then all you need to do is, just enter in to that site, buy what you like most. Dont delay for anything, grab what you like most and have fun in buying that.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

classic style

In order to choose best classic style to celebrity is Mr. sharukh kahn. He himself dress up always in classic style. The hair style he maintains was awesome. The dress style he maintains was amazing. He sets trend of his own style in India's bollywood. My style is also similar to that and always maintain my classic look. The way which i am wearing dresses is almost in classical style and use to maintain that style always. Because i always like that style. I use to be look good and sexy in that style. For a person who is having having dignity looks will always maintains his/her classic style. Dockers San Fransisco is a famous place is to enjoy well. Now with that name, they are conducting Dockers contest, where if you win that contest you can grab so many of prizes. Everyone can be participated provided with some conditions. If your well enough creating videos, then just create your own video out of your own creativity and submit to them. Same thing when comes to music also but you provide the name of that track also. It is easy to participate, just by clicking my link text and it will take you to that site. There just give your e-mail id and required password and upload the most you like. Then submit it and results will be announced on may 29 of this month. It is really a cool contest and difficulties in participating this. There are some phases of review and after successful reviewing of those phases one can win grand prize on June of this year. The winner will be announced in the nbc news channel. Make a short move right now and upload your favorite video right now and to expectations win the grand prize. So, don't delay as of now, step in to that site quickly and start participating in it.


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Everyone knows about the importance of dollar rate. For a decade ago everyone is crazy about that and most of them flew to USA for earning those dollars. But as of now, it was quite decrease in dollar rate. Whatever it may be, still there is love on dollars for most of the Indians, and even famous companies in India also will do business in dollars. As for bloggers they are expecting dollar rate should be increased as fas as possible.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Some persons who are using internet are freak about online gaming or contests. In fact there are many chances to win by online contests. There are many sources where they introduce many contest through online. In those sources, this dockers is one among them. They have introduce one video contest where you can send your favorite videos and win the contest. Not only those Dockers contest but also some sweepstakes contest is there. Participate it and if you won you can go for a dream vacation. This is something cool...rite. Yes exactly, not many of the sites will be having these types of contests. Another interesting feature in a site which i am going to explain is about shopping. The shopping feature was awesome. You can do shopping by online through that web site. They are offering 30% discount over products. All types men and women products will be there. It is having some good collections. You can just do shopping by 3 mins and save your valuable time by not going to distant places and doing shopping. If you have any doubts, you can contact them and ask any doubts regarding contests and other options. They will reply you within 2 business days.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

exams kallas

Atlast my exams got over in this month. Now we beacme engineers. I happy after completion of exams. But now, the carrer has going to start, now we should plan very carefully and proceed like that.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


It is always certain that becoming in to fat when one comes to certain age. Actually fatness to a body is something like curse to those persons. With that body it is difficult to do some jobs easily. It is even difficult to go for a shit in a Indian style. It can easily cause heart problems to those persons. So, it is must to go for exercise or some diet activities in order to reduce their fatness or obesity. The importance of Fat Loss can be easily identified by fatty persons , so for them i have given a link text where it will go to a site and read

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Deccan charges

Deccan charges is a IPL team name for Hyderabad team. Totally about 5 matches they won only 1 match. In fact it is a poor performance. But the only winning match by them was awesome. No one in IPL has won like that. Because they won with 10 wickets in hand. They have finished that match very soon with a spare of 2 overs in hand. Let me see the remaining about two matches.

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