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Friday, June 20, 2008


As we all know the rare earth metals value. I mean rare earth metals like gold, silver,bronze. Thet are having their own values and properity. From 10 years ago till now, the price of silver has been increased alot. Now pure silver is given to you by a Monex deposit company. Over some period of time ,i t is supplying pure silver to americans. it is maintaining largest number of customers in America. If you need silver then you go their site and order them. Silver can be obtained in any other form. This company if offering in the form of ingots. By having ingots we can have desired shape of cilver. We can mould in to diferent shape.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

social spark is amazing spark

Social spak is really an amazing spark. By joining i this sie we can create so many advantageous to us. First of all, we can create some traffic to your own blog or site. Second thing is, we can earn money on the things which we like most. Elaborately, we can earn money by writing some posts regarding about advertisements. I like this SocialSpark alot because it is giving equal importance to the work which we did. There is another feature in this site, that is bloggership. By having bloggership on your blog, on each day if anyone view your own blog then your account will be cerdited to some amount of money. This is an awesome source of revenue for your own blog. Another stiking feature for this site is "spark" facility. With your fellow bloggers, you can make them to write about your blog. Like this you can increase your backlinks to your own site. Then coming to payout option, they really follow a simple rule. After every approved post for about 30 days, the will sent ou money to your account. In your account if it had 20 dolars then you can go for payout for tha amount. Immediately that amount will be transfered to your paypal account if you had that account.

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